Desk360 iOS SDK

Desk360 is an iOS SDK to help you embedding customer support in your iOS applications with ease!


  • Create new support tickets.
  • View and comment on existing tickets.
  • Interactively communicate with related support teams.


Using CocoaPods

To integrate Desk360 in your Xcode project using CocoaPods, specify it in your Podfile:


Important footnot

You must add your info.plist file.

Permission text is optional. you can type whatever you want. But this permission not optional. If you didn't add this permission. Desk360 Images attachment property doesn't work.

Start Desk360 with appId -and an optinal deviceId, an optional language-

Note: If no deviceId is provided, Desk360 will use device's UUID, which might cause your app to lose tickets when the application is deleted. If use environment type .production, Desk360 will look at prod url. If no application language is provided, Desk360 will use device's language.

Using Desk360

Using Optional Notification System

If you need to send a notification when a message is sent to the users. You have to do this integration.

After the above integration, it is sufficient to make the notification certificate settings in the Desk360 admin panel. You can now use notifications

Also if you want notification redirect deeplink system. You should some extra integration.

When you click on the notification when your application is closed, you need to add this code on which page you want Des360 to open.

Customize Desk360 Theme

You should use Desk360 dashboard for custom config.

For further information, please with contact us