Web Contact Us Integration

You can enable your users to request support through your website.

How do I integrate?

  • 1 Login to Desk360 and click "Product & Channels".
  • 2 Add your product by going to the "Product & Channels" page and clicking "Create Product".
  • 3 Go to the settings of the product you want to integrate and click "Edit Channel".
  • 4 Go to “Web Contact Us Integration” and click on “Copy Code Snippet”. Paste source codes to the contact form on your web page.
  • Since the form is designed with Bootstrap, it will be fully compatible with websites that use this framework.
  • You can add CSS or JS refinements to every element of the form you wish to customize.
  • Note: Please do not make any changes on hidden input field as it contains a unique token for your product.

Optional Field

By adding any settings field to the copied code, you can save different inputs to your own code system. While posting the settings field which you have included in the form, you must send it in JSON string format as shown in the example below.