Whatsapp Integration

By using the WhatsApp integration function, integrate the phone number of your business into your Desk360 account and allow your customers to contact you on WhatsApp. Desk360 lets you convert your one-to-one chats into tickets and check their metrics.

How do I integrate?

  • 1 Login to Desk360 and click "Product & Channels".
  • 2 Add your product by going to the "Product & Channels" page and clicking "Create Product".
  • 3 Go to the settings of the product you want to integrate and click "Edit Channel".
  • 4 Then go to the "Whatsapp Integration" tab.
  • Enter the required information and click "Submit" and wait until your information is confirmed. (It may take 2 weeks due to WhatsApp’s own procedures.)
  • Enter the code sent via SMS in the field on the WhatsApp integration page.
  • Once the integration is successful, you will receive a confirmation email.